Break The Mold - Live Through Your Life

       Breaking even is something that every individual wishes they could do, and then some. No, we’re not talking about finances or business; it’s all about the mentality. But the mentality is only a facet of who you are and what you’re capable of being.

            Speaking with men and women out of college is something we partake in every day. As an observer, I tend to notice things that the average person wouldn’t. For instance, I took a walk around the city with my business partner and he made me realize so many things. From stopping and taking photos of building, tourists, and individuals around the city, more people often walk around luxury retailers than that actually have an interest in making a purchase. In a society that influences everything we do, it’s difficult to not want what someone else has. But why is this?

            As I walked around Columbus Circle, I didn’t see too many full-figure people. Granted, this doesn’t depict the rest of the area’s clientele, but it does show that I noticed more than I should. Wanting to take photos of myself, my partner attempted hundreds of times, but each time people kept looking at me with that face. You know, the face of ‘Why is she wearing that and why is she sitting on that in such and such way?.’ I could have let it get to me , but I didn’t. We so often see people taking photos and become discouraged in minutes of years a snide comment, and yes it’s hard to deal with – but you can get through it. I’m a walking example of this. I’ve been guided to an area of a store than I would “fit in” but the clothing was horrendous. I’ve also been told that I should straddle a post or sit with my butt propped up; well, birdie to you too, sir. We are humans and we have rights.

            It’s hard to break barriers, but it’s even harder to maintain them. I’ve learned that if I make a statement, continue it. I’ve seen the negative comments on Instagram and I’m sure people on my Facebook say things to each other, but that’s you. I’m writing this to help change – change a stereotype or ‘norm’ that shouldn’t be so normal. Go ahead girl, straddle the pole stump (whatever it’s called) and take a picture! If you don’t, you won’t get that moment back (especially if you’re wearing a cute lace shirt and thigh high boots!