Who is Lola?

Lola is a strong, independent woman who sees color and creativity in everything she does. After gaining the nickname, I saw 'Lola' has her innerself, someone she believed to be her inner voice that was breaking out of it's shell. But tbh, Lola is what some would say is an alter-ego (except, I'm the same person). Oh, and Lola to me, is a woman who demonstrates perseverance and strives for success. I've overcome many obstacles throughout my life, and this blog is a representation of who I've become. 

What is Your 'Job?'

I started out blogging and fell in love with publicity. After three years in beauty, my career took a turn leading me to visual merchandising. So in short, I am a beauty blogger who dabbles in fashion, a freelance publicist, and a visual merchandiser. I'm a Communications Specialist. 

Why the Blog?

I'm a writer by nature. When I chose a major, I knew I wanted to be a journalist. Unfortunately, there was a limited course offering at that time, so I looked to other avenues because I knew I wanted to have my name out there. So in late 2010, I started Gotta Love Lola, where I talked about beauty and fashion products and trends. It wasn't until later in my college career, that I took to public relations and revamped my blog - thus here we are! p.s. Thanks Prof. Revkin for pushing me beyond my comfortzone and limits.