Hookah Luxury to Go

Have you ever wanted to go to a hookah or shisha lounge, but didn't have the time or money? Luxury Lites, a company specializing in electronic and disposable hookahs and cigarettes, is making a difference in lives everywhere. Luxury Lites offers an array of  flavors from strawberry daiquiri to mint chocolate, apple cider, and more. Each Hookah is designed for up to 700 puffs (according to my distributor). All I know if that this is probably the best $12 I've spent in a very long time; that's a promise!

      Can Luxury Lites products be ordered online? Yes! Luxury Lites ships across the country and internationally.  Shipping varies by location, however they company does provide a tracking number, and if ordered before 2pm, shipments go out that same day. This is an offer that can't be passed up, but of course, you must be at least 18 years old to order (for all of you underage smokers, I do apologize, but it's the law). If you find this to be a product you can benefit from or enjoy try it; Luxury Lites is the way to go!

My favorite is Strawberry Daiquiri (far right)

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