Planning a Child's Celebration

    Have you ever thought that planning a children's party was simple? Well, it's really not. There is so much that goes into making the child happy, as well as their parents. that planning such a simple two hour birthday party can make your head spin. As a planner, whether professional or a family member or friend, take a variety of subjects into consideration. Time, theme, number of guests, location, food, etc...this all can make or break a party. How do you overcome these obstacles? Questions and conversations.

Princess Tea Party. Design & decor by Pure Dymonds

During the summer it can be difficult to host a birthday party because families go on vacation, involved in other programs, or have other obligations. When planning a summer child's party, reach out to potential guests (classmates, playgroup peers, family members, friends) to get a feel for their plans so you don't stress over anything little. After this, establish a day that would fit the schedule for you and your guests. Remember, if you plan the party for 11am to 2pm, most guests will probably expect refreshments, such as pizza, hot dogs, and burgers to eat since this is a lunch time for many. Also, 4pm and later suggests refreshments because the party will more than likely run into an evening meal. Be prepared to have a general menu to provide guests with in case of any allergies. Always have fresh fruits and veggies available, as well as birthday cake (of course! This cannot be forgotten unless the birthday child has suggested something else).

Centerpieces designed by Pure Dymonds' Children's Event Designer

     Thinking about a theme? Typically, children tend to see new television shows or movies for inspiration, but instead of going this route, take their hobbies into consideration. If a young girl is interested in butterflies or fantasy-like stories, purchasing butterfly and fairy themed supplies, along with glitter favors and a garden-themed cake or dessert, you would have the perfect party. The same would apply for young boys. If the child has an interest in trucks, purchase basic colors (if theme isn't available) and purchase a few items that would compliment the theme without costing you too much money and would be age appropriate.

     If you're really interested in planning the perfect child's birthday celebration, I personally recommend Pure Dymonds Events, a event planning and design company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lead designer and owner Tricia Epps has an amazing team that takes your vision, budget, and all other party aspirations and creates a remarkable show. Check out Pure Dymonds today and plan your child's next party in a fashion that will have all of your guests asking where your party creation came from.

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**All photos are courtesy of Pure Dymonds and can be found on their Facebook page.**