The Perfect Back-up Plan via VZN

        For many, a phone is something to keep them occupied during the day, but for others, it's part of the every day routine. Back in June, a friend of mine came across an article that sparked a little interest, not only for her, but she said it reminded her of me. Having Verizon Wireless is probably the best decision I have ever made (having been with them since I was 15), so I've never questioned much. Anyways, the article stated that Verizon announced the unleashing of a new phone plan called "Share Everything." And this is where my new life began.
    Being only 20, I pay my own bills, and have never had a problem doing so. When I renewed my contract, I chose a plan that worked for me, but knowing myself, I knew I would go over my minutes at some point. When speaking with a representative from Verizon, he did a quick analysis of my account (usage of data, minutes, and texting). I never would have expected that for the same price I was paying for 900 minutes, unlimited texting and two GB of data, I could get unlimited minutes, texting, and data for the same price with the new plans.
   My point? If you have Verizon, look into it. Whether you're on a plan with your parents, significant other, or alone, it's working looking into. You can add up to 10 devices that would share the data, minutes, and texting for one flat rate. Sounds great, right? It only takes a few minutes to do over the phone or in store, but if you're more of an internet type of person, you can visit the Verizon Wireless website, answer a few questions, and get results in less than two minutes. Take a peek, you won't be disappointed, especially if it's beneficial for you!

Verizon Wireless Share Everything