Amanda Bynes Held in Psychiatric Hold

Just when things seemed to be getting better for Amanda Bynes, a series of strange behaviors  have set her back for the worse. According to The Daily News, the All Thatstar has recently been placed on a psychiatric hold at Las Encinas Hospital for two weeks. This recent decision was announced in light of the actresss bizarre behavior in both LA and NYC.

Rick and Lynn Bynes flew their daughter from NYC to Las Encinas Hospital in LA on October 13th for what was originally a 72 hour psychiatric hold. According to the newspaper , doctors are hoping to extend her stay at the hospital for up to a year where theyd be allowed to keep her confined and, if necessary, restrained and forced to take her medication.”  

The string of events first unfolded early this month in LA when Bynes was charged with a DUI. Police stopped her when she halted her car in the middle of an intersection on Van Nuys Boulevard early in the morning. The Hairspray actress failed a number of sobriety tests due to being under the influence of a controlled substance, according to E! News. Luckily for Bynes, she received a same day release from jail after being held on a $15,000 bail.

Things continued to escalate for the actress in NYC on October 8th when Bynes was reportedly dancing around in her bra while changing in the Upper East Side boutique Pookie and Sebastian. The Daily News  reported that the boutiques cameras caught Bynes “twerking” on a security guard while mumbling to herself about plastic surgery. Of course the performance was awkward and came as a shock to many customers.

Later that day the 28 year old visited Barneys and experienced even more trouble. Whether this was a misunderstanding or not, Bynes was accused of leaving the department store with a hat she did not pay for. According to the NYPD, the department store let the actress go after she agreed to sign a no trespassing affidavit banning her from the store.

Earlier this month, fans of the Easy Aactress noticed Bynes’ return to social media matching her new positive attitude. Tweets like Im transferring to NYU or Columbia from FIDM to study psychology…” and posts of her and her family seem  to support that Bynes was back to her old self. Within days following these posts her twitter wall began to sound as if someone had a fun spree hacking her account. Bynes posted accusations about her father physically and mentally abusing her, amongst other confusing tweets.

Difficult as it may be for the Bynes family to witness their daughter’s diminished progress,  other celebrities and fans of the actress are still showing their support. Model Chrissy Tegan sent a special message out to her fellow actress stating I obviously dont know her at all but I want to make her happy and healthy for some reason.

What Did We Learn

It's okay to ask for help when you're feeling down and that the world is after you. Ladies and gentlemen, please note that if you're having issues, call a trusted adult. Granted celebrities have their own way of handling situations, that doesn't mean you can or should do the same. When you see or notice a shift in behavior, make a note of it. As someone who has had friends and family suffer from mental illness, it's not okay to let it ride out. Let this be a lesson, one that cannot be broken down to feed a child. As we mature, we have to be accountable for our action, including celebrities. If you're in school, visit your campus counseling center or trusted adult to discuss a plan to better yourself, academics, and your longevity.