YEEZUS - Why Kanye Needs a New PR Team

With all of the recent happenings in the life of the West family, it doesn't shock (or shouldn't at least), the ignorance of Kanye West. After all, this 'legendary' family isn't so legendary after all; lets just ask the Australians.
       Last week, Kanye performed in Australia and, like many artists, asked for his fans to engage. However, Kanye or 'YEEZUS,' asked for a little more engagement and stopped performing to get it. Just to paraphrase,  Kanye made it 'mandatory' to stand up, unless they were in a wheelchair or "got a special parking pass and s***.' But to make matters worse, fans were trying to communicate with him that a few fans were in a wheelchair or had a prosthetic. So why on Earth did he sent Pascal (member of his entourage) to check on the issue? This is just pure ignorance and has made waves across social channels. Unlike the incident with Taylor Swift, he continued without an apology....
        Bringing it back, his wife Kimberly Kardashian-West claims he has nothing to apologize for. Considering they are entitled to their own opinion, this is perfectly fine, but their ethics and morals are definitely not where they should be. Everyone's entitled to their own!