A Brownie-Affair

   So, you're in the Macy's Household sector of the store looking for new kitchen appliances (okay, maybe not Macy's, but you get the idea). The household appliances are a staple in any household, big or small. One appliance that I use all the time, as I am an avid baker, is the Martha Stewart Collection Brownie Pan, Slice Solutions, which my grandmother bought me before they discontinued the product. The good thing is that this pan is available by other brands in stores across the United States. But before I move on, let's talk about the product at hand!

  Using either a homemade recipe or a box brownie mix, using the brownie slice pans are very simple and easy. Just blend the ingredients together, spray the ban AND dividers generously, and place in the oven for about 30-35 minutes. After they're fully baked and cooled, you'll have not only delicious brownies, but almost no mess of crumbs on your counter-top!

  To find a brownie slice pan, visit the links below. Enjoy!