Are All Musicians Sellouts?

Growing up in a household where music was a priority, I have always had my opinions of certain artists and bands. On a recent Sunday morning, my dad and I were watching various music television channels and a particular band began to stream and this is the comment I heard from him.

"Maroon 5 is a sell out."

To be completely honest, I can't say that they are or aren't. Typically when new artists rise to fame, they are showcasing their style of music, but as time goes on, that changes. I have to say, I miss the original Maroon 5, as I'm not too much of a fan of this whole 'pop' theme. What I've noticed with some of my favorite musicians is that they grow as they rise to fame and their taste in music grows with that. But, my issue is that some artists build a fan base through one genre, move to another and loose the thousands of fans they had prior to gain millions who probably have never heard of them before. Why does this matter?

Nelly. I absolutely love Nelly and admire his collaborations with Tim McGraw and Georgia Florida Line. He's one of those artists that used his talent to broaden his audience through collabs.Props to you Nelly!

Now, one artist who's had some "issues" with record companies in the United States is one of my favorites. Fefe Dobson is a songwriter and recording artist from Toronto, Canada and for some reason, is unheard of in the States. A few years ago, there were some rumors that her label wanted her to sing one type of music, which she didn't want to have part in. I personally love her spunky, blunt, and personable music, which has been labeled as 'pop-rock.' I can deal with that, but I'm curious as to know the entire story of why her music is ineligible for purchase on this side of the Falls.

Let's bring it back. A sellout can be defined as someone who betrays a cause for personal advancement (Urban Dictionary).  What I find interesting is that so many people are labeled as such, but all they did was grow as an artist or individual to only benefit themselves, which is totally fine. But let's just remember, not everyone is a sellout, only those who are in it for the money. But that's just my opinion.

Avril Lavigne's New Album!

Okay, cool...Quick rant.


Avril Lavigne is one of my all-time favorite artists and I am just so happy that she released this album. It has been forever since she's been in the studio and I cannot commend her enough for taking a break and bettering herself.

Yes..I downloaded the album and I'm in love with it (and her marriage with Chad Kroger).

Get it girl!

Photo Credit: Avril Lavigne Official Website