Peacock Bridal...A Blended Affair

We've all seen the various trends and whether or not they fit our taste, they certainly fit the taste of others. I've always seen women look at peacock themes, but I never understood why. Is it the beauty that a peacock has and the influence it brings? Or, is it the beautifully blended colors that compliment various brides and their bridal party? Whatever it may be, this image caught my eye and made me think of all the different ways one can incorporate a peacock into their wedding day. Take a look!

Photo via Pinterest

These beautiful centerpieces had be blushing! Not only is this table setting simple, it's colorful and lively. The blended floral arrangement is simple and attracts light to the table, as well as serves as an excellent conversation piece. At a wedding, Sweet 16, or any formal gathering, you want guests to feel comfortable and welcomed, not overwhelmed. This is excellent and I would see this making it's way through 2013 with confidence.

Photo via Pinterest & Plectrumbanjo

Don't hesitate to go all out on your wedding. Color combinations such as blue, yellow, green, and purple can compliment any skin tone, personality, and theme preference. The groom love it too because they're not limited to bright pastels, as jewel tones tend to be calmer and more inviting for all persons. Now, if you want something a little more, throw a little 'bling' into the mix and walk down the aisle (or runway, it's your choice) in style!

Real Wedding Talk

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