Framework of a Million - Shaping Your Style

For some time, the fashion-verse has been "cookie cutter," meaning there's a set style. But the reality of it is that there are so many cookie cutters. So what happens when you want to fit the mold, but don't?

My entire life, I lived in a world where people tried to dress me and make me appear 'normal.' As I got older, I learned there were different shapes and sizes, even in the modeling industry. It wasn't until I was a freshman in college when I learned of the fashion retailer Torrid's collaboration with America's Next Top Plus Size Model. This is where my framework began. I was a girl who had grown up in the south (originally from NYC), and had been surrounded by "cookie cutters" my entire life. But when I met the girls at Torrid who were in the same position as me, I began to loosen up just a bit.

Framework is the structure of which something is built. As a student, I didn't know what type of frame I was or where I fit in. My style was a mess, but after a 1-on-1 session with a Torrid stylist, I was able to clarify my frame. After posing for a few photos and having my makeup done by MAC Cosmetics, I was able to be myself. I let the clothing and makeup define my personality with flare, creating definition. But was this what I wanted? Apparently so, since I began to open my eyes up after a year of trying to make it. I've spent countless amounts of money on Torrid clothing because of how it flatters my shape, hundreds on makeup, and so much more on other things. But did this shape my style? Yes, it did.

How does one photo-shoot become framework though? Simple - you can be yourself or whoever you want to be. Over the years, I've looked back at those images and wondered how I got to where I am. I've also asked why didn't I get the position at a magazine, clothing store, or any other business I love, but I've also come to terms. My framework isn't a "cookie cutter," it's a lifestyle.

On this blog, you will find many old posts of who I was and the many facets of my personality. However, you will also find new material, paving a path for individuals all over the world, especially those of us who have no one else to turn to. Luxe Like Lola is a platform for men and women of all ages to find advice, guidance, and inspiration in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment industries and how it relates to a person...and your growth as a human being. Let's make the Web a better place, not just for me or you, but for those who can't communicate with the rest of us.