An Arena of Style

Happy Saturday everyone! So, I've been in Prague for about a week, and have visited various entities around the city. Today, however, my friend and I ventured off to a land we like to call "Mini-America." About 20 minutes from our apartment is a place that hit very close to home. Back in the states, we have what is known as the outlet malls or the "Commons," but here in Prague, it's called Fashion Arena Outlet Center.
      You're probably thinking this is a regular outlet, and yes it is, however, it's a tad different. I don't think I've seen as many skate/surf shops in one area (not even Virginia Beach), as I have here in Prague. With 101 different stores, you're bound to come back with something, even if it's just chocolate (yes, there is a Lindt store, and yes, I did go crazy in it).
       Fashion Arena Outlet Center is the go-to place for American fashion at a low cost. Don't be afraid. Oh, and there's free transportation from the train depot (you can drive if you prefer). Enjoy my loves!

Fashion Arena-Prague

Free shuttle--It runs every 30 minutes

A little taste of what we found.