Keep Your Standards HIGH!

As a female, and I know men who are just as guilty, shoes are a commonality for the average person. Whether you're a size 7 or size 10 (for women), or a size 8 or a size 15 (men), feet come in all shapes and sizes. For a female, one who loves fashion, finding the perfect shoe for a night out or even causal wear can be quite the journey. Pace University graduate, Jewel High, felt the same way, and with a drive and passion for fashion, Jewel High Collection emerged.

    "I could never find beautiful shoes in my size because I wear a size 11," said Jewel High. "I took my frustration and decided to turn it into a dream, and for years, I taught myself different design techniques.

    For someone who had no background in fashion design, but a goal to reach, Jewel High took her time to research the shoe industry and began attending shoe expos (so much fun!) to get her name and dream out in the public eye.

   "My mentor came along and he's been in the industry for 30 years," said High. "He supplied me with vital information and confirmed that I was meant to be a shoe designer. With an accounting background, the business aspect came easy to me."

   There's no doubt that someone with such a diverse background could achieve their goals that would not only benefit themselves, but others in similar situations. Jewel High has been patiently waiting for her moment to emerge, as she's more than ready for the release of Jewel High Collection, which is set to kick off this spring. Oh, and did I mention the t-shirts are fabulous!? They read " Heels High, Standards High, Jewel High".

Above: Feature from the Poison Collection

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