Lace Me Up!

With wedding trends changing on a seasonal and yearly basis, there's no question that trends are rotating out. There are 20 trends that have been identified by 20 influential wedding bloggers; think you know what they are? Well, I've picked the two trends pertaining to wedding dresses that I think you'll find not only interesting and fresh, but sophisticated and unique. Lace and pockets.
       Lace has always been a trademark in wedding gowns, but how the lace is distributed is questionable. Blogger Erika from Borrowed & Bleu anticipates a lot of lace this year, and she's probably right. Lace has made a comeback and with shows such as "Say Yes To The Dress," we have seen designers incorporate lace in more ways than one. Oh, and lace isn't just on the gown, it's on the sleeves, neckline, and the accessories. It is an elegant and classic look that can make the entire occasion come to life without too much hassle and an easy transition throughout the day.

Wedding gown with lace accents.
Photo: Google Images

Speaking of hassle-free, have you seen the pocket trend? Yes, wedding gowns are coming with pockets to make things more convenient. Weddings are emotional, and we can all agree with that. Between tissues, hand sanitizer, tic tacs (yes, they're needed for a quick freshen up), amongst others, pockets are a huge trend in the industry. But what does this have to do with weddings as a whole? Trends. Who's following them, who's creating them, and what do they have in store for the future.

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    Happy weddings!