Vickie's Secret to the Perfect Sports Bra

There was a time where the only bra I was willing to wear was a sports bra. As I got older (probably age 9 or 10), my mother threw them away and out came the oh-so-loveable underwire or "womenly" bras. After that, I gave up on searching because I just could not find a sports bra that fit properly and supported me...until now.

Victoria's Secret has taken my life by storm, allowing me to feel not only "sexy," but also supported in my daily wear. For Christmas, my parents did a little shopping at VS and questioned the VSX SPORT collection. Since I hadn't asked for anything and they knew I didn't have a sports bra, they perused the store for my size (which only a handful of styles and colors come in). Needless to say, out came on grey "THE STANDOUT" and one hot pink "THE INCREDIBLE" sports bra. The moment I tried them on, I was in heaven.

Image via Google Search

I'm not the most athletic person in the world, but I also don't like getting fully dressed if I'm not doing anything productive (i.e. study time = sweats and tank tops). The most difficult part of this is that living in a dorm, people knock on my door all the time and laziness usually answers it. But that has now changed. The VSX bras are super comfortable and only after four days, I can say they are well worth the $54. And with the Semi-Annual sale quickly approaching, this Angel Card holder will possibly be doing some damage if she can.

If you're interested, enjoy this link to the VSX SPORT collection and their amazing and oh-so supportive bras!