New Purse Additions - Betsey Johnson & Fossil

Each year I look forward to adding a few accessories to my collection. While on my, umm..way home, I stopped by Macy's Herald Square and started looking for a new wallet. Let's just say that turned into not one, but two new purses!

I've always admired the edgy, girly designs of Betsey Johnson. She is one of my FAVORITE designers (though I wish I fit their clothes) and if I could have one of each purse, I would. But anyways, all I have to say is that I'm in love with my new purses! The pink glitter-esque tote is part of a Macy's exclusive (which I literally sat at the table for 20 minutes deciding which style I wanted). The other tote I got (which, I'll explain why) is the black and white sequin tote. When you click on the links, pay attention to the colors you choose (the exclusives don't have their own links, only the color beck boxes). The website may show one price, BUT there's a huge reason as to why I got both (and a new Fossil wallet, also at Macy's. 


Luckily I went after work when my cousin was working (she always knows there the best bags are for my style). She and her co-worker began to ring up my things and they both said for me to get another bag. This is when I ran for the black and white sequin tote, competing with someone for it (I'm a little quicker when it comes to purses - #sorrynotsorry). I went back to the counter and I found myself at $112 for all three items, including tax! I never score those types of deals at Macy's, but this, this was different.