Is H&M's New Flagship Worth It?

If you’re an H&M lover, you probably heard about the new flagship that opened on 34th Street/Herald Square in Manhattan. All kidding aside, I was actually excited because I thought they would carry more sizes and more variety. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

There are certain stores I find trendy clothing that fit me well. Being that I’m a size 14 to 16 (depending on the cut, I can squeeze a 12), I thought I’d have a fighting chance in the world that deems a ‘12’ to be “plus sized.” After venturing into the new H&M flagship, I sifted through the racks to grab a few summer pieces. Within ten minutes, I realized they only went up to a size 10, with SOME 12s (go figure). I grabbed a sales associate and was told that sizes 14 and up were considered “plus” and were found at the other location. Stunned, I left the accessories I picked up and went on my way to the other location (which I had just been in the day prior).

By the grace of the fashion gods, I found a few 14s hiding (there must have been a new shipment). Because I was on my lunch break, I ran to the register and went about my day. Well, let me tell you about a little conversation me and the cashier had.

Cashier: “Did you find everything okay?”

Me: “Yes, but do you know if you’ll be carrying any more 14s?”

Cashier: “They come every day, but it’s a game of chance. Have you been to the new flagship?”

Me: “You mean the flagship that goes up to a Large and a 12 that has nothing in stock? If you ask me, I don’t know how that’s a flagship and they don’t even carry a ‘plus-size’ department.”

Cashier: “They have sizes in the back. No one offered to help? I thought they carried what we carry.”

Me: “Nope!”

Well, H&M didn’t plan accordingly, nor cared to offer a variety of sizes (the new store doesn’t carry maternity clothing either). It’s only a matter of time until management or store operations realize this fault, so we shall see.  In the meantime, I’m going to see what 14s and 16s I can find. ¡chao!