My Body & Closet Transformation

There's no doubt that full-figured women have a difficult time finding trendy, stylish clothing. On a recent B2S (Back 2 School) shopping trip, I found that there was a Torrid near my home in Brooklyn. Now, I had no clue that this location was there, but I'm glad I found it because it has changed my life for this fall season.
    For me, I've always had a difficult time finding tops that fit, yet flattered my shape. Having a larger back isn't the easiest thing to work with, but in Torrid, there's no other way but the Torrid-way. After about two hours of shopping and trying pieces on, I finally settled to about five tops and a pair of jeans, accompanied by some jewelry. Yes, my bill was a tad high, but that's what DivaStyle points, discounts, and gift cards are for! SO what did I buy?

   Because I'm not a fan of long sleeves, it took every ounce of pride to make such a purchase. With the fall around the corner, I found myself purchasing darker colors and lighter material. I walked out with a pair of Stiletto jeans (sz 12 and they're super comfortable), 2-3 black tops (decorative lace backing and cut-out arms), a turquoise top, and an olive military-inspired top. To me, this was a purchase I would not forget. I was finally on the road to transforming my closet into what I felt like it should be. 
  About a week or so ago, I realized my Haute Cash (cash rewards from Torrid) were active and I needed to act fast. However, my boyfriend decided to wait until the last minute (typical men) so I made my purchases online and over the phone. Needless to say, I purchased a few more tops and slacks for work. I'm hoping that by changing my style a little, things will begin to be more fluid. But why am I shopping at Torrid and nowhere else? It's simple: They know what their audience needs. 

  Keeping it short, I would rather spend the extra money at Torrid knowing that my needs are being met and the quality is fantastic. I'm pretty sure as soon as I secure a full-time job and start saving for an apartment, I will be making monthly purchases to satisfy the professional and personal needs of my closet.

  Visit to see what pieces fit you best. You won't regret it!