Animating Your Body

Have you ever gone shopping and asked the sales associate for help? Have you ever gotten that look of "Why are you trying that on?" About two weeks ago, I ventured into Bryant Park and met a couple of women at Animated Closet NYC, who, I must say, made me feel fashionable and a real woman.

Being that I have a fuller figure, it's not common that I stay away from large prints and bold statement pieces. Kathleen, the boutique associate, along with her co-worker, made it very comfortable, inviting me in the moment I stopped to just look at the mannequin. I explained to her my situation, you know, not being able to find high-fashion in my size or that even looked amazing. From there, Kathleen began to tell me about each piece, how they're constructed, and how me, at 185lbs (no shame), could wear an XL piece of art that would fit someone who was maybe 200+lbs. This is due to color blocking, shading, quality materials, and design of a woman's body. However, this means you better have saved some of your paycheck to buy a beautiful sweater-dress that has the Brooklyn Bridge incorporated on it.

Yes, I enjoy fashionable piece,s, but at $500+, I might rethink my closet. But what I will say is that Kathleen and her co-worker took their time helping me find something that not only was flattering, but that I actually fell in love with. Animated Closet certainly has a vibe to it, one that you must prepare for. The stories of women walking in to purchase their dresses, shaping their bodies post-pregnancy or to simply enhance features. It's quite remarkable to see that a boutique can have so much positive influence over women who don't have the same fashion opportunities as others.

My time with Kathleen was very well spent. I think I was in the boutique for a good 30 minutes, trying on five different pieces, learning about each one and the story behind the art. Oh, and to top it all off, Kathleen wasn't so skinny-mini either, making me feel welcomed and that I had someone who has been in my shoes before. It's nice being able to walk into a store or boutique and find something trendy, flattering, and perfect for your shape.

If you have some time, visit Animated Closet NYC. When you stop by, make sure you mention Tamara, who stopped by in October with the fashion blog!