A Gatsby Wedding

Lights, sparkle, beading, the whole nine yards. This season, brides are flaunting The Great Gatsby inspired gowns, decor, and so much more in the wedding scene. Why the sudden flare-up of the 1920s? That's simple: It's a classic.

    Brides are booking appointments for wedding gowns, and with the recent release of The Great Gatsby, beaded gowns, glam and romantic sleeves are making their way into a closet near you. According to The Knot's wedding segment for upcoming Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, the film is inspiring parties all over. But what else could be inspired by this classic novel?

  The menu. Having a formal sit-down reception (lunch or dinner) is the first step in re-creating a Gatsby scene. Don't choose anything too crazy, but keep in mind that classic foods are a staple to any wedding, regardless of the theme is best Buffets are usually the reception of choice, but in the 1920s the preferred style was a formal sit down (at least from my observations) dinner. This not only allowed for a more formal atmosphere, but it also allows mingling between parties during the celebration. And for those who love desserts, if you're planning on having a cake or cupcakes (or even a dessert bar), white or ivory icing (or detailing) with pearls and edible glitter is marvelous!

Gatsby inspired wedding reception. Image via Onewed

  Decor. Presentation is everything and with feathers, pearls, and glam all adding up to equal "classic", brides are adding a sexy spin both on the gown and at the reception. Now, how can one take a room and attain a classic and elegant show? Hiring the right designers. Event planners are fabulous for planning your big day, all of the appointments that lead up to it, and even when you need a shoulder to cry on when you get stressed, but having an event designer will allow you to see your big day as a production.

   The dress. All brides want to be the center of attention (it's their big day, so why not?) and with that comes finding the perfect dress. Beading, glitter, cap sleeves, and sheer materials are all found in the upcoming Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 wedding gowns.With a theme such as Gatsby or the 1920s, much can be done with these styles and they inspire so much for the entire wedding, not just one aspect.

1920s inspired cupcakes. Image via Onewed

Beaded column dresses via The Knot

   Bottom line: Enjoy the big day and don't forget the glamor! You only get one wedding day, so make it the best in town!