Rimmel London - Stay Matte Foundation Review

The recent Influenster #VoxBox contains some pretty cool basics for the average college student or young adult. Personally, my favorite is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. Yes, it's probably because I'm a girl who loves makeup, but the coverage of this product in my opinion is FAB!

   In a rush to class the other day, I hadn't put any makeup on and my face was breaking out on my cheek. So, because I couldn't find my BB cream, I went to my VoxBox and took the bottle out. Now, I will say that it was a little dark (probably because my profile isn't updated), but it did justice. After blending it with a stippling brush for about 2 minutes, I got it where I wanted it and was on my way. Since it is lightweight, I didn't feel heavy and it wasn't shiny (hence matte). I will continue to use this product when I get a little tanner (because it's like three or four shades too dark), but I have a great feeling about the product.

  Over all love or leave: Love (minus the shade being off in my box). It has great coverage and lasts for hours. I didn't need a setting powder and it's easy to build on top of. Totally recommend.