Sleek & Smooth? More Like Rough & Straw

When you wash your hair, it's supposed to be a cleansing and loving relationship for the minute you shampoo and the three you leave the conditioner in. Well, I recently used the Matrix 24HR Smooth Repair and I can safely say I am not pleased.

   I received the set as a gift over the winter break and decided that I would break away from sulfate-free shampoo this week to give it a try. BIG MISTAKE.

   I'm unsure if it did not fit my standards because I have gotten used to using organic or safer products, but I know I did not like it. The shampoo was very drying to my hair and I feel like it absorbed it all; it was very stringy and felt like straw. So after I rinsed it out, I immediently applied the pairing conditioner, which made it better, but still. Shampoo is meant to be cleansing and clarifying, not drying and creating straw.

   Anyways, I threw in some Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and coconut oil and it's feeling back to normal. But for now on, choose your hair care products wisely!