Not Your Mother's Plump4Joy - Product Review

As a proud member of Influenster’s blogger program, I received a few products in my #BloomBox about a month or so ago. Being the product tester I am, I tried out Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter (available at Ulta). If you like real, raw, and honest opinions keep reading.

From what many of you can see, I have naturally curly hair that I often straighten. For a few weeks, I strayed away from my tools to bring my dead curls back to life and have been looking for products to try. To begin, I pulled the sample of NYM and sprayed it on the roots and first inch of hair, letting it air-dry. First reaction: ‘Why is this so greasy?’ and ‘Why do I need so much product?’ Do you see where this is going?

The next morning, my roots were so greasy, that I had to do a quick rinse before leaving to work. Though my hair looked a TAD voluminized before hitting the water, it wasn’t what I was looking for. I chucked the bottle in the back of my drawer and went about my day.

During Memorial Day weekend, I spent time with my boyfriend and didn’t have any tools with me. Naturally, Plump for Joy was in my bag because I figured I’d give it another try over the long weekend (no one would care about my greasy roots if they didn’t see me, right?).  I applied the product to my hair, but this time to my whole head using the palm of my hands. Though not as greasy, I still ended up using a lot of product that made it seem as if it was (maybe it’s the nozzle that didn’t work well, who knows?). We went about our day and I analyzed my hair throughout.

After about 6-8 hours of driving and a BBQ, my hair wasn’t as greasy as I thought it would be. However, I really saw no difference in the texture except that my curls stayed in tact a little longer. Nothing less, nothing more. I was content for the time being.


What do I really think about this product?

·      Can be greasy

·      A lot of product is used

·      Smells great

·      I probably won’t be using this again


I use a lot of products, but to be honest, this won’t be a routine item for me. I can’t afford to have greasy hair after washday, especially in the humid summer. But remember, different products work on different hair types, so this could very well work for you.