Smile Bright With Smile Brilliant + Giveaway

There are a million reasons as to why we (people) should venture into teeth whitening. I recently partnered with Smile Brilliant, a company founded by a dental professional, to bring high-quality teeth whitening to your own home for a fraction of the price. After years of trying every product on the market, I opted to give Smile Brilliant a chance to help rid of my fabulous coffee stains.

The Smile Brilliant system is very simple from what I've read and I've just begun. I received my impression molds on Monday and immediately brushed and flossed once it was opened. As pictured to the right, the kit comes with 6 Teeth Whitening Gel syringes, 6 Desentizing Gel syringes, 3 Base Pastes, 3 Catalyst Pastes, and 2 plastic trays for your dental impressions, as well as a consent form and pre-paid envelope. Now for the fun stuff.

Essentially, you should only need two sets of paste for your molds, but a third is given if you make a mistake (like me 😫). You mix one Base Paste and 1 Catalyst Paste until the product is completely blue. I learned if you roll the paste right before molding it into the trays that it's easier to work with. Once the paste is in the mold (do one at a time), you simply press the tray into your mouth (I strongly recommend having paper towels close by). Hold the mold in the mouth with your fingers for about 2.5 minutes or until firm. If you're like me and have TMJ, it may be uncomfortable, but my friend had no issues with it. Once the paste feels firm, take it out, wipe your drool, and repeat with the bottom tray. When you take it out, you should be able to see your entire dental map. If not, try again with the remaining paste and repeat.

Teeth molds after creating impressions. 

Teeth molds after creating impressions. 

Once that was done, I let them dry and rinsed with cold water, and dried again. As of this morning, my dental imprints are in route to Missouri and I'll receive my whitening molds in about a week or so. Of course, this is just the first installment of Lola's Brilliant Journey and will be updated accordingly. In the mean time, I have some great things to talk about!

Smile Brilliant and I are giving away a teeth-whitening kit to a few lucky followers! I've included the link here for you to enter to win your own kit.

But wait!

Use my code: Luxelikelola, for 5% OFF a Smile Brilliant system.

Keep an eye out because I'll be posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter my whitening journey.

Happy whitening!