Meet Caí Para Mi - Makeup For Latinas

Should it surprise you that I found a killer foundation at my local Target? It should because it literally changed my life. My best friend and I went on a Target run and were browsing the makeup aisle for a few basics. That was, until we recognized Natti Natasha on an unrecognized brand’s display.

I picked up the shiny gold bottle of foundation by Caí Para Mi because I was intrigued. We had no idea what this brand was, but for $10 and an immediate match, I was sold. Both my friend and I were matched in ‘Natural,’ but I think I could have gone a shade lighter. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a wide variety available in stock but I still rocked it – and it lasted ALL DAY! 

I fell in love with this display when I walked into Ralph Mandil’s office. Nearly every piece of their collection is right here!

I fell in love with this display when I walked into Ralph Mandil’s office. Nearly every piece of their collection is right here!

The longevity of Caí Para Mi’s products is unbelievable. I get up for work at 3am and 4am depending on the day, and my makeup is still in tact. On average, I have spotting by 2pm, even with a setting powder or mist, but I haven’t had that problem since using Caí Para Mi.  

I gave their other products a try (huge THANK YOU to Bella PR for the beautiful package). There is no fall out from their blush, the pigment is on point, the bronzer isn’t too off, and everything blends seamlessly. But that’s not all that I’m here to talk to you about. Let’s talk business. 

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Caí Para Mi’s creator and VP of Sales and Marketing, Ralph Mandil, at their NYC office NYC. Our conversation was fluid, he answered every question, I had a sneak peak at some upcoming products, projects in the works and more. So let’s get to it, because I know you’re asking yourself a million questions. 

Lola: When did you start Caí Para Mi?

Ralph: The concept began in December 2017, I had samples by February 2018, and the soonest I could be in store was February 2019. 

Lola: How does this process make you feel?

Ralph: I’m humbled. 

Lola: What inspired Caí Para Mi?

Ralph: We started out in sportswear and apparel, and supplied beauty items to stores like Rainbow and DD’s. We truly started Caí with gift-ables with our smaller brands, usually a lip or eye makeup item. I also noticed that there wasn’t a brand for Latinas. 

Note: Latina’s make up more than half of the sales in the beauty industry.

Lola: What does Caí Para Mi really mean? 

Ralph: Fall in love with me. We want women to fall in love with themselves, and you will. 

Lola: Well, I fell in love with this foundation so I’m already there. 

He laughed. I laughed. It’s the truth- you will always look at yourself in the mirror. TRUST


We spoke about the industry, how Ralph wanted to give Latinas a product that catered to them, their unique skin tone, expand to all shades of the Latina woman (yes mama, that means you too my Afro-Latina queen!).  He also told me that he listens – he observes buying patterns in stores like Sephora, what we like, don’t like, he even has a focus group of all Latina women of different backgrounds for a diverse take. He also hasn’t paid for coffee in nearly two years – I would give you free coffee in return for makeup too! 

But with all of this, comes business.

Lola: What type of customer is Caí Para Mi targeting?

Ralph: She’s a woman on the go, 18-46, doesn’t have time to touchup her makeup or lipstick. 

He’s right. How many times a day, do you touch up your makeup before heading back into the office or to the floor? Yeah, I thought so. Application lasts anywhere forom 6-8 hours, but let’s be real – it’s actually like 10-12 hours (IMO). And something else that Ralph told me was this: ‘Our marketing is in the packaging.’

The Caí Para Mi Instagram page has over 5K followers and continues to grow. The page drips in gold, as does the packaging for their products. To be fair, I didn’t need to look up their brand that day in Target. Why? Because I trust brands with quality packaging. It’s a glass bottle – why wouldn’t I be happy with my purchase? There’s a level of quality based on the container . 

Oh, and their products are cruelty free and are brought to life in PETA certified facilities. Ralph has a ZERO tolerance for animal testing, so if that’s something you look for in a beauty brand, I think I’ve persuaded you enough! 

Something that I heard Ralph say numerous times throughout our conversation was: “We hear you.”

And he does. 

I got a sneak peak of products that are due out in stores within the next year, such as some industry favorites such as lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, and lashes. I saw the lashes and OMG – for the price point they’ll be at, it’ll be every makeup artist’s dream. 

You and I will pay top dollar for lashes that’ll do the same thing as a $10 pair of lashes. But let’s just say, even those days will soon be over. These lashes are to die for! 


Ladies and gents, I do not promote products I do not trust. I trust Caí Para Mi with my life. No color fall out, no smudging, lip color that lasts all day (I NEVER have to reapply), and packaging that reeled me in; what else could a beauty girl ask for?

You can shop Cai Para Mi online on their website, Target, or Amazon (FYI – not all stores carry, so check online for in-stock availability). Also, my beauties out in Puerto Rico, Cai is coming to a drugstore near you soon!