Perfect In Pink!

      Everyone loves a great pink lipstick, right? Over the last few months, I have grown out of the lip gloss stage and into the lipstick phase. I've never really been a huge fan of the product until now, especially going into a field where presentation means everything. I've collected shades of pink, a color I know I can pull off, as my go to spectrum, with the exception of one or two. With varieties in the nude family, I have decided that I needed a pink that I could wear every day and for special events. My discovery? A fine satin finish.

       Ever since Niki Minaj partnered with MAC Cosmetics, I have been trying to find a shade that suited me best. Since "Pink Friday" was only for a limited time and "Viva Glam Niki" isn't exactly a shade I could pull off every day, the search for the perfect pink has been ongoing until now. Pink Nouveau, a satin lipstick, is the closest color to "Pink Friday", goes on smooth as butter, and has a long lasting effect, something long overdue in my collection. And for $15, I think this is one of the best products I've purchased in a long time. I highly recommend this lipstick, especially if you're looking for that perfect pink!

Mac Cosmetics

Mac's Pink Nouveau, Sephora Waterproof Lipliner #02 Rose, and TooFace Lip Insurance Primer

Mac Pink Nouveau $15