Being Driven

The seasons are changing and so are the lifestyles of the average person. Okay, corny opening, but you see my point. We're already in November and each time I look at the calendar, I ask myself where the time has gone. But there is one thing that I have noticed that I cannot question, and that my dear is my drive. 

   Many of you are probably reading this wondering why I'm writing out of nowhere, and the truth is time. I have not had time to really sit down and write any blogs because of my other obligations. Now, I have filmed a few YouTube videos, but those are quick and easy; writing, not so much. But I haven't let that stop me. I love to write and I could do it all day (with the occasional writer's block). At the beginning of the semester, I was hired as the Features Editor for my school paper, and I absolutely love it. Now, I won't lie about the difficulty I face when looking for weekly pitches, but nonetheless it's a great position. And let's be real for a moment: It's nearly impossible to land a journalism gig without clips. Yes, blog writing is great, but many bloggers who don't send their work to be "published," and that hinders them. I'm not saying it hurts everyone, but it does hurt quite a handful. Which, again, is one of my drives. 

   Being driven doesn't just mean to have a goal, but it does mean to be motivated. You can have five goals, but you're probably only motivated to reach one or two. My drive happens to be instilled in me by my father. He doesn't want me to live the life I lived for eighteen years, so when I went to college, I also went to town. I knew what I wanted to do, but then I was intercepted by a new program at my University so I took a stab at it and now I really know what I want to do with my degree. My "drive" is to not be in the same place my parents were when they were my age. I can't say I don't have other goals (because I do), but I do know that I have to be realistic. For right now, I'm driven to complete my Bachelor's and soon begin my Master's (and to find a job in my field). 

   What are some of your goals? What drives you to do what you do? Tweet your responses to me at @Laprincesalola.