Girl What? Girl Code.

Live it. Breathe it. Know it.

         Girl Code is a new series on MTV that is taking the time of females by storm. MTV's Guy Code had ratings that were absolutley fantastic that they decided (or it seems to be) to create Girl Code. With each episode filled with various topics and truths, there is no line that can be crossed. Why is there no line? Because girls don't know where the line is! #GirlCode

       Okay, in all seriousness, Girl Code has become my go-to-show when there's nothing else on and I need the "elders" around me to understand how the youth operates. My mom watching Girl Code is an issue, but hey, at least she's hearing it from someone that's not me. But what is it that makes the show addicting? The truths.
       In each episode of Girl Code, the topics range from friends to sex to girl night out, and everything in between. Having watched Guy Code made me realize a few things about males, so I'm assuming there will be that one guy that watches Girl Code and learns a thing or two. I'm not saying everything has to be accurate, but they have it pretty well down-pat. I can't help but think to myself that the things we learn in life aren't important, and then I think about what we as a society believe, and I think of this show and what's talked about and BAM! It all makes sense now.


This image is NOT affiliated w/MTV. I thought it was cute and decided to use it instead of Girl Code's official image.