When You've Hit Rock Bottom....

It's mid-term season and many college students are beginning to feel the pressures of assignments and exams. As someone who has experienced rock bottom, I can safely say that I am amongst the many college students that are about to hit the floor...hard. Why don't I take a break? No, it's not my pride or dedication; it's my tolerance level. 
     A college junior/senior who's taking 18 credits, carrying an internship on her shoulders, and positions within organizations, there's only so much I can hold back. My studies have not been effected, but a lot of my "slack" is because I am waiting for professors to reach back out to be with my assignments to edit. This seems rather odd and unconventional, but I do assure you that it makes sense. Why haven't I blocked out time? I have, but there's only so much that can be done in that block of time. School is just like a job; you have a set amount of hours to work and if the job gets done, it's done, if not, then worry about it the next day. Currently I am writing a research paper (which I have a screen report and critical essays due around the same time), preparing for a History mid-term exam and essay, as well as a group project for Event Planning. Am I crazy? Maybe a little. 
     My high school took college very seriously and from this I learned that my high school practically taught me how to procrastinate, and to do it extremely well. No, I do not encourage procrastination, but everyone will listen to my advice differently. I do my best work when under pressure and believe me, I do it extremely well. Oh, and did I mention I'm applying for graduate school as well? From all of my assignments, work, and my application I have to say that I will be hitting rock bottom very soon and I am ready for the consequences I may face. 
     "Tamara, do you have any advice?" Yes I do. Take everything in doses and organize yourself. Each Sunday I set up a schedule for my internship (social media), and Tuesdays I sleep in a little and get right to work unless I have appointments or tutoring. Honestly, these are things that make your life so much easier and will benefit you in the long run (especially tutoring because your work can be completed here). On a lighter note, make sure your time is well distributed. As I write this, I'm actually waiting for a friend to bring me my English binder so I can work on my paper. This allows me to send my readers a message showing them how I deal with the situation. 

     I hope you found this slightly useful. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter (LaPrincesaLola).