Why Did I Go on a Blog Hiatus?

It's easy to say that I went on hiatus to travel or try new products, but that's not the case. I've received a few DMs and emails asking why I haven't blogged, and truthfully I just have/had a lot going on. So Luxe fam, let's find out where Lola has been!

In January, my company downsized its office to focus on brick and mortar business. I had been with the company for nearly three (yes, 3 years). It was rough, but I began working retail right after because you know, girl gotta pay rent. My schedule has been crazy, working shifts that have me leaving my house at 4:30am (yes, you read that right), and sometimes working overnights. But that's the piece you pay to work in fashion with an amazing organization (it really is great, so I'll go into detail later). The job has been incredibly rewarding, but I'm exhausted by the time I get home. So any new beauty products, hair care tips, health information - it's the last thing on my mind before I catch those ZZZs. Until today.

I owe you (my readers) so much, including transparency and a special thanks. Without it, I'm not a blogger or advocate - only a consumer. So for now on, I will write weekly blogs and post more consistently across Luxe Like Lola's social media (some are personal and you're totally able to add me as a friend). Who's ready for weekly beauty reviews, hair care products, and health and wellness tips?! Thought so.

Oh, and did I mention I'm getting married? I might have missed that, but I will be able to post some of my ventures (not all because hubbs is heavily involved and wants most of it to be a surprise). But I make no promises to that, because I love you guys so much.

Anywho, let's get to it luxe loves!