You may be wondering what I've been up to this summer. Originally, I was set to work full-time at Pure Dymonds, an event planning and design company in Virginia Beach, however, under personal circumstances, I had to resign my 'physical' position and leave Virginia to take care of some business. Now, I am back in New York where I am a Communications intern at SHARE (Self Help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer). I didn't think I would find a position that would give me office experience (since I have mostly been working virtually and one-on-one with companies), but I've found with dedication, positions such as mine, can be obtained.

    I was first introduced to SHARE at the February event, ManiCURES, hosted by Cherry Girls NYC and Diosa Nails. This was a fundraising event to raise money for SHARE and bring awareness to Breast and Ovarian cancer. It just so happened that a few months later (end of May), my university posted the position just after I found out I would have to change my summer situation. Since June I have been working with SHARE virtually and physically (since I am now in the area) and I have enjoyed each moment of it.

  What am I doing at my internship?

   We've all heard the horror stories about interns being abused by their employers, being overworked, harassed; the list goes on forever. My job description is simple: work with the Director of Communications. Honestly, I wasn't sure what I would be doing aside from managing their social media accounts, creating social media for blog posts, and assisting in ways to promote their events and programs. Because I was able to manage all of these tasks and create e-blasts (newsletters), other employees began to ask me for help with minor things. (psst....Asking the other departments if they need help WILL HELP YOU!) I have learned a little bit about everyone's job, what they're responsible for, and how the Communications department interacts with the others. So now do you understand why I like my job? I hope so; working at a cancer organization is probably one of the best internships I've had (and I'm still working with Pure Dymonds and another company that you'll find out about later). I can certainly say that I will miss working at SHARE, come August.

   Do I get to do anything fun?

    Yes. I think it was my second or third week at SHARE and I was asked to assist at a function. I knew what the event was, but I never thought I would be asked to attend. After a pep-talk from a volunteer, I knew that it was in my best interest to attend. Not only does attending events and after-hours programming show your commitment, but it also gives you an opportunity to meet with others in the area that share the same interest (you're both at the same event; there has to be some type of connection). I've also stayed and assisted with programming that SHARE offers to those living with breast or ovarian cancer. It really gives you a sense of awareness and allows you to see beyond the desk you sit at.

What's coming up next?

   Well, as mentioned earlier, there are many events that SHARE hosts, which includes fundraisers. Right now SHARE is preparing for their annual fundraiser; A Second Helping of Life. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the fundraiser, which has granted SHARE with the opportunity to raise a generous amount of funds. It is a wonderful night of food prepared by the top female chefs in NYC with a few local NYC celebs. I think I know where I'm trying to be that night!

Anywho, yes, I am working with three companies: SHARE, Pure Dymonds, and Live Beautifully Health Coaching. How am I managing this? I have no idea, so if you know, please tell me. Pure Dymonds is honestly an amazing company and founder Tricia Epps has such a creative mind and is a great supervisor. I am currently writing blogs for Ms. Epps that relate to the latest trends in weddings, children's parties, milestones, and so much more. I am also working with Kalyea Moss, a plus size model who is also a health coach (also known as The Curvy Health Coach). I am currently responsible for updating and promoting events and programs on LBHC's social media accounts. In addition, I have been responsible for press releases for both Pure Dymonds and LBHC.

Where does this leave me?

 A dedicated, creative, senior, and professional.

What have you done this summer?

Visit SHARE, LBHC, and Pure Dymonds' websites here!

A Summer of Chic!

     Summer is quickly approaching and many college students are struggling to find work (internships, part-time, etc) or something to do. As a student who is serious about her career and education, I found it only necessary to search for an internship that would not only enhance my skills, but give me a chance to grow as a professional. Over the Spring Break, I interviewed an event planning and event design company, Pure Dymonds Events. All I can say is that from the moment I walked in to CEO/Designer/Special Events Manager Tricia Epps' office, I knew this was the employer for me.

     For the clients who like feathers, Pure Dymonds is for you. If you like unique lamp shades and decor, Pure Dymonds is for you. Oh, and if you like being able to go to one place for all of your event planning needs, Pure Dymonds is defiantly for you. Tricia Epps and her team take every step to make your event a night to remember. This is a company that takes your vision and makes them a reality with packages for every budget.

    Pure Dymonds is where simplicity meets chic!

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