Melon Bowl, What?

    The summer time is one of the largest event seasons, stretching from weddings to graduation, even children's birthday parties. But have you ever wondered if the kids at your event recognize common things such as plates or serving platters? Well, Uncommon Goods, a Brooklyn, New York based company has a few items that may enlighten you with products out of the ordinary and may need a second look. 

    Artist Melanie McKenney found her inspiration in nature, but we're not talking about the cookie-cutter flowers and trees. Melanie McKenny finds inspiration in the abundant textures and colors of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

How does it look so perfect and clean cut? She makes a slip-cast mold from an actual watermelon. After, she then recreates the texture from the naturally formed rind (outer shell is what I call it). To add the quenching detail, each piece is decorated with a vibrant, food-safe glazes. Is it microwavable? No. Is it dishwasher safe? Yes. Will the kids love it? Yes.  Each bowl is handmade in Tonawanda, New York and vary in size based on the melon.