Do I Look Like An Angel To You?

   In a little under a month, the night we've all (most...well, some of us) been waiting for will make it's international debut. The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be held in London, England for the first time this year. But what does this mean for those of us who are "drooling" over Miranda Kerr (not in this year's show - WOMP!) and her fellow angels? Wings are an angel's best friend.

  Body image is one of the most unavoidable topics amongst young women all over the world. Why can't we get away from it? It's a lifestyle, a norm, and something that will always be present. When indulging in the annual runway of #flawless women, we ask ourselves what it takes to look like "that" or how can we look that same way in the upcoming collection. Nonetheless, there's really nothing we can say. But what's interesting about Victoria's Secret is that some of their models have spoken out about body image.

 Sam Sampaio, a divine Angel, spoke out about her body and being compared to another model. Per Cosmopolitan, Sampaio made a statement of why the comparison of her body against Candaice Swanepoel's is not helpful. And she's absolutely correct.

 "Not in a million years I'm gonna have that body," Sampaio explains, waving her hands wildly in giddy frustration, "because my bone structure is not built like [hers]." - Cosmopolitan

 And before you get your wings all in a bunch (yes, I'm talking to you Miss. Glitzy-wings), she's correct in the sense that each body is different. What a B-cup looks like in a VS swim suit is not what the girl with DD's, and the same goes for those with a square body and the pear. Sampaio made this statement to let her followers and other Angels know that her body was built one way and Swanepoel's was made another.

Now, before you start thinking that this is all talk - believe me, it's not. Over the years, there have been Angels who have made statements and they go overlooked after two days. But by what Sampaio has said and it being something that wasn't in front of you, what do you think about her statement? Do you think you could be an Angel? 

If you've always wanted to be a model, I'm sure Victoria's Secret is the pack to be a part of. They have fun on the runway, but work their butts off for every show, photo shoot and engagement. So it's now asked - Do you look like an Angel to you?

Photo Credit: Craig Barritt / Getty Images;