Do I Look Like An Angel To You?

  In a little under a month, the night we've all (most...well, some of us) been waiting for will make it's international debut. The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will be held in London, England for the first time this year. But what does this mean for those of us who are "drooling" over Miranda Kerr and her fellow angels? Wings are an angel's best friend.

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Beez Trendy Treasures--A Woman of Miracles

Wrist-wear, necklaces, earrings, rings, handbags, and sunglasses beyond the norm, Brandy Kennedy, a woman of creativity and accomplishment has done more with her future than the average 23 year old. From the most elegant and simple designs, to patterns of bold and chunky, Beez Trendy Treasures (BTT) has it all.
     Since April 2011, Brandy has been designing and managing her business, something many can only dream of doing. With affordable prices and fantastic customer service, BTT has everything a female could imagine. Items begin at $10 and can go up to about $40 depending on the item, the material, and uniqueness of it. I haven't purchased anything yet, but many have, as much of Brandy's inventory tends to become sold out within a matter of just a couple of hours!

     Oh, did I forget that Brandy has recently introduced clothing?! Yes, I said it, clothing. Fairly new, there are about 14 different items to choose from, a combination of dresses, vests, tops, and shorts. Again, her prices are very reasonable and I defiantly recommend reaching out to Brandy if you have ANY questions or concerns. She is one of the friendliest people I have met, especially when it comes to questions about products.
     For those of you who are more on the technical side of the industry, Beez Trendy Treasures also provides Web Consulting for those who wish to utilize services. Brandy offers Web Design, Management, and Promotions. Prices vary based on service.

Oh, and one last thing, recently Brandy has hired Ms. Vanessa Johnson as BTT's Creative director and President!! Ms. Johnson has been a tremendous help with BTT and contintues to strive to make what's already growing, another growing success!! SO,  what does that mean?

Check it out!!!!

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