Rustic Winter Chic - JORD Wood Watches

I’ve never been into watches, but that’s because I have my iPhone on me at all times. I can remember a time when my grandfather would tell me that a watch is essential and tells a lot about your personality. I hadn’t thought about this much, but the moment I opened my cold weather couture watch from JORD Wood Watches changed everything. 

JORD Wood Watches features a variety of styles that will make anyone’s jaw drop. The unique watch styles add dimension and personality to the wearer or to their wardrobe – a staple, if you will.  And when it comes to shopping around for gifts, JORD does an exceptional job with add-ons, such as engraving. I’m not one to praise watches, but these timepieces really changed my mind and I actually love the wood concept. When you choose the wood style and color, it really personalizes the gift and in this day and age, who doesn’t love a custom gift?

Speaking of gifts - JORD and I have partnered (keep reading for details!) this season to bring the concept of wood jewelry (a.k.a. timepieces) to light. I looked to my boyfriend (he thought it was for him) to help me choose a style because he knows my style and, I won’t lie, I can be a bit indecisive. I chose the Delmar Red Sandalwood & Red Carbon watch, because I love how dark accessories and wood can accentuate a home, so I applied it to my personal fashion. Let’s just say when I opened the wood box to see my watch, I was in awe because never have I held a piece that was so timeless, that I immediately knew my wardrobe was changed forever. 

I know what you’re thinking: It’s just a watch. But let’s talk about how JORD is different.


JORD features a variety of men’s watches, as well women’s watch styles. Not only is each unique, but they have the potential to complement almost everything in your wardrobe. I’ve worn my watch to casual outings with my boyfriend (I won’t lie, he’s a bit jealous), to interviews, and to run errands. The Delmar watch really adds a bit of personality with its square face, adding texture to my wardrobe.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve never been in love with a watch as much as I am now. Just as timeless love is hard to find, so are timeless accessories. Next time you decide to buy a watch, be it for yourself or someone else, look to JORD for a fashionable investment for all seasons. 

P.S. I love JORD! 



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