Rustic Winter Chic - JORD Wood Watches

I’ve never been into watches, but that’s because I have my iPhone on me at all times. I can remember a time when my grandfather would tell me that a watch is essential and tells a lot about your personality. I hadn’t thought about this much, but the moment I opened my cold weather couture watch from JORD Wood Watches changed everything. 

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25 Fab Things Under $25 Sale-Only at Lola's Lovely Luxuries

This week, Kitsy Lane is offering a ton of different styles and new items. Currently, I have a few items under my Flash Sale, that expire tomorrow (so if you're interested, order now!), but I will be having new items in that selection soon.

   Speaking of sales, there's always new items. Each week, designers post new items that cater to everyone's needs. Whether you're looking for something to hang out it or take to the office, LLL and Kitsy Lane has what you need. Currently, Kitsy Lane is promoting their 25 Fab Things Under $25 sale, which has some pretty adorable stuff. It only takes five (5) minutes to click, scroll, and order. Take a chance, take a look, and show yourself off in a new wave of style!

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask (comment below)!

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