Reasons I Don't Shop Online

I've met so many individuals who enjoy online shopping and I understand why. Many companies feature promotions exclusively for their online audience, such as free shipping, an extra door buster, etc...but none of this applies to me (at least for clothing). I feel like there's just something missing: a personal touch.

   Now, I will admit that I have purchased accessories and even shoes offline. However, the difference is that I tried on the shoes in a store and found a better deal on eBay. I will purchase electronics and other nicknacks offline, but nothing more. I refuse to purchase clothing offline unless it is something I have had previously (Decree jeggins!). About a week or so ago, I made a rather generous purchase from, only to be disappointed when I received my package in the mail. Only two of the seven items fit.

   Why did I purchase these items online? Well, considering my Back 2 School Haul, I earned about $150 in Haute Cash (Torrid cash, similar to Kohls) and obviously wanted to take advantage of the sames. I wear a size 12 in bottoms from Torrid, I figured they would fit the same. Sadly, I was mistaken and pretty much went into panic mode. Being that I am more so top-heavy, my legs are pretty average, with the case of small ankles. Newsflash: the skinnies I ordered were HUGE at the ankle. It's probably just the cut of the jeans, but still, I had hoped they would fit much smoother. There was nothing wrong with the product; it just did not fit me like I had hoped. But that's neither here nor there. Maybe next time I'll actually make it to the store to redeem my rewards.

    Lesson learned, huh?