Watch Out For Style

With technology at our fingertips, there really isn't a reason to rock that little clock on our wrists, right? After peeking at articles and blogs of items we should own before 25, watches seem to be making their way back into style. Want a fashionable watch but don't want to pay a ridiculous amount? Avon, yes, Avon, has four (4) watches that will amp up any outfit with style and class.

     Being that I'm always on the go and rarely wear bracelets, I kind of gave up on the whole watch thing, but lately I'm seeing them everywhere. I was browsing through our current campaign and I came across a sale that would be absolutely fantastic for all of you!


2 for $35! 

**Select styles only**

Aztec Amazing

There's no doubt that trends come and go, but this week, Lola's Lovely Luxuries is featuring a new trend-All Things Aztec. Get the look of Mexico without the hassle. With a choice between over 20 pieces, there's something for everyone to spice up their style. Enjoy dramatic price drops up to 75% off until July 24th! You won't be disappointed!

All photos belong to Kitsy Lane 2012, NOT me. If you have any questions, please contact me by leaving a comment below!

All Things Aztec @ Kitsy Lane

Home Change Up

  Totally not the norm, but for the past week that I've been in Virginia Beach, I have been recruited to help redecorate my grandparents' house. The project? The mid-decade paint job. Yes, I know five years is a little long, but the average person probably doesn't redecorate that often anyways. However, I have been to every Home-Depot and Loews in the area, and have learned a lot. So, what's the point of this article?

   Stepping up in the game of life!

  The most important thing to do in a home or apartment is make it brighter and bigger. Just because you have large furniture or lights in the area doesn't mean the space is just right. In my grandmother's house, the master bedroom has dark, cherry-wood furniture, light beige colored walls, and white trim, however, she and I both know the room isn't lit enough for our liking. The key to ensuring a home you can be proud of is going to the home improvement store, walking to the paint section, and snag color swatches. Crazy, yes, but it will save you money in the long run.

  Currently, the goal I have set for the next week is to finalize the paint colors for the bedroom, bathrooms, and living spaces. When I make a decision, I'll let everyone know! If you're in the mood for some redecoration, get to the stores during the week (it's less crowded), grab an associate, and go to town. It'll be the best 30-60min you've ever spent in the paint section!


Beez Trendy Treasures--A Woman of Miracles

Wrist-wear, necklaces, earrings, rings, handbags, and sunglasses beyond the norm, Brandy Kennedy, a woman of creativity and accomplishment has done more with her future than the average 23 year old. From the most elegant and simple designs, to patterns of bold and chunky, Beez Trendy Treasures (BTT) has it all.
     Since April 2011, Brandy has been designing and managing her business, something many can only dream of doing. With affordable prices and fantastic customer service, BTT has everything a female could imagine. Items begin at $10 and can go up to about $40 depending on the item, the material, and uniqueness of it. I haven't purchased anything yet, but many have, as much of Brandy's inventory tends to become sold out within a matter of just a couple of hours!

     Oh, did I forget that Brandy has recently introduced clothing?! Yes, I said it, clothing. Fairly new, there are about 14 different items to choose from, a combination of dresses, vests, tops, and shorts. Again, her prices are very reasonable and I defiantly recommend reaching out to Brandy if you have ANY questions or concerns. She is one of the friendliest people I have met, especially when it comes to questions about products.
     For those of you who are more on the technical side of the industry, Beez Trendy Treasures also provides Web Consulting for those who wish to utilize services. Brandy offers Web Design, Management, and Promotions. Prices vary based on service.

Oh, and one last thing, recently Brandy has hired Ms. Vanessa Johnson as BTT's Creative director and President!! Ms. Johnson has been a tremendous help with BTT and contintues to strive to make what's already growing, another growing success!! SO,  what does that mean?

Check it out!!!!

Contact Brandy, Beez Trendy Treasures, and Beez Web Consulting