My Transition to M.A.C.

Just like the seasons, I change my foundation routine based on my skin. I recently switched to a MAC foundation after my boyfriend surprised me with a gift card. Holidays + gifts + MAC... What's a girl to do?

After trying on various foundation formulas, the makeup artist notices my skin wouldn't grab their Pro-longwear foundation, nor their others. I guess my skin is hard-headed, but that's not my fault (I blame genetics). Finally, MAC's Studio Sculpt glided across my face with no problems. Since making my purchase, I've used the foundation twice and I LOVE IT! The scent is amazing and so is the coverage (perfect if you have yellow undertones).

By using this foundation, I have enabled myself to create a thinner facial frame. What does this mean? Since the formula is absorbs right into my pores, I am able to set it lightly with a translucent powder (I use ELF's High Definition Powder in Yellow). Not only does it lock in the foundation, but it makes contouring and applying blush a breeze!

So far, this has to be one of my favorite foundations thus far, but as time progresses, I will keep my reviews up to date. I've used several other liquid foundations, but they all seem to be 'cakey' and although I enjoy a full-face, they have been too much for me. I think I'll stick this one out and see what $32 gets me over the next month or so.