Curly Whirly to Smooth and Silky

According to the back of my new Mizani Thermasmooth hair care system, I have Type III or Type IV curly hair. As someone who avidly straightened her hair as a child, the damage has become quite significant. But a colleague of mine gave me the system because she ovbiously had no use for it (her Mongolian hair has a little wave, but she said it was better suited for me). That being said, I've begun to use it and here are my thoughts. 

Using several "smoothing" products, I've never found one that was truly 'The One.' I washed my hair earlier with the Thermasmooth shampoo and conditioner and then applied their Smoothing Serum to it while damp. I don't feel a difference in my hair (it feels slightly smooth, but nothing crazy), but the curls look pretty tamed. But there's only one true test of the product and that is through straightening. 

After about three (3) hours of air drying, I finally got around to using my Paul Mitchell straightener (ceramic plates!) Because of how my hair is, it takes about half an hour to straighten (nothing in comparison to the previous two hours of straightening when I was in secondary school). I must say, the heat protectant the Thermasmooth system came with isn't so bad, but we shall see it's durability over the next 48 hours.