Why I Don't Wear Falsies

The fad of wearing false eyelashes has been an epidemic and for some reason, I seem to be the only person who dreads having to patiently apply a strip to my eyelid for maximum volume. But why is this so? Shouldn’t falsies make our lives easier?

Since I became obsessed with beauty in my teens, I gravitated towards eye make-up.  I was always the one wearing heavy, dark eyeliner with the mascara to match. But when I got to college, I was introduced to a world of false lashes and I never found it in me to apply them. So when I met one of my best friends in late 2011/early 2012, her lash applying skills astonished me. She could apply them without a mirror and I was envious.

Why could I not have this talent?!

After watching her makeup talents, I considered trying again. I had received a set of falsies from an Influenster box and felt defeated. Either the glue dried too much, I didn’t let the glue become tacky enough, or they just weren’t applied correctly. So…I gave up.

Fast forward to the present.

Being that I work for an eyelash extension salon, I have no need to wear falsies since I have the luxury of having my lashes applied and lasting weeks on end. However, I recently received another Influenster box with a set of falsies and I figured “What the hell. I’ll give it another try.”

Yea. No. Never again.

Whatever it is about falsies must require some true talent. I am quite talented at many beauty things, but applying falsies just isn’t one of them. My lashes clump together from the glue, they don’t settle or stay-put. Maybe I’m just not false-lash material? It’s possible.

This epidemic of wearing falsies should have come with an instruction manual. I feel like I’m one of the few women in New York City that can’t apply strip lashes and that’s okay. I’ll just sit pretty with my JJ Eyelashes eyelash extensions or a bottle of Better Than Sex mascara.