Bridal Gown Magic

When I began searching for my gown, I had a very clear image in mind – mermaid, form-fitting, glitz and glamour. At this point in my life, I’ve become more comfortable with my body, so why not show it off? Well, that didn’t happen. Here’s what happened. 

Back in September, I attended The Knots Couture Show, where I met with several designers and saw some amazing pieces. I looked at everything from Allure, Maggie Sottero, to Jaye Applewait (a Bajan designer who’s work is to die for). But it wasn’t until I left to go to the Couture showroom that I fell in LOVE. 

October 2017 - Ashley & Justin at The Knot Couture Show

October 2017 - Ashley & Justin at The Knot Couture Show

I saw beautiful designs, met Mark Zunino and chatted about some of his upcoming innovations and the changes in both the bridal and fashion industries (he was absolutely amazing, took a selfie with me, and made me feel super comfortable). While I LOVE his designs, I continued looking at the new styles, colors, and then there it was. A beautiful ivory gown that glistened in the sun at the entry of the Ashley & Justin Bride area, that was my sign from the bridal gods. 

For whatever reason, I kept looking back at the gown, in my photos, Instagram, wherever I could find a picture of it. I continued to try on dresses at local boutiques and even Kleinfeld’s. I wasn’t happy with anything (or how every consultant I worked with on the island of Manhattan). Then I saw that Ashley & Justin would be featured at RK Bridal for a trunk show, made an appointment, and let fate work. So a few weeks later, I went with my MOH, forgetting to call to see if that dress was included. That’s when the magic happened. 

When we arrived, they receptionist was unpacking a rack of gowns, to which we eagerly looked to see what would be featured. I mentioned to my consultant that I had a particular gown in mind from the 2018 collection, showed the photo, and she went to look. 

It wasn’t on the rack. 

She asked what other styles I was interested in, and when she went to look, she came across a separate garment bag that was sent separately. You guessed it – it was my gown!

Fate had worked up to the 5thfloor and surprised us all – the gown wasn’t even supposed to be a part of the trunk show! But while it was a sample size four (yes, a 4), the three of us looked at each other and I stripped down to my bra and panties, stepped into the gown, and to my surprise it fit, leaving a the back open because of the zipper. Yes, my breasts fit in the gown with no spillage, the waistline fit, it was only the back of the gown. We Facetime’d my, at the time, MOH, and we all cried. I began to second guess, but everyone made me get out of the gown before I could say ‘no.’ Even the moms on the other side of the hall were crying with us. Unfortunately, my parents don’t live in New York and were unable to be there for me, so yes, I did cry a little when the grandmother of the other bride came to give me a hug.  

After I walked around, staring at myself in the live feed, twirled in the sunlight, and called my mom, I got measured, decided to go a size up because I was exactly a 14, and left my deposit. Since then, I’ve been hiding photos and videos from my fiancé. 

My gown arrived in late March, to which I went to RK Bridal to try my gown on. Granted it was a tad big, the seamstress said the 14 would have been too perfect (you know, they only give you maybe an inch of extra fabric, if you’re lucky). I felt a little off, but I know it was because the gown was big on me, but come August, I will start my alterations and feel like a queen! Oh, and the veil? Did I mention Ashley & Justin INCLUDED a veil? Yes, they did and that was one less thing to stress about. 

So what does my gown look like?

In good hopes that my fiancé doesn’t read this (he doesn’t so we’re safe to talk here), my gown is not what I anticipated on wearing to my wedding. It’s the complete opposite. It’s also not white. But it is full of glitz and glamour!

*This is not a sponsored post (though, I wish it was).*