Break The Mold - Live Through Your Life

       Breaking even is something that every individual wishes they could do, and then some. No, we’re not talking about finances or business; it’s all about the mentality. But the mentality is only a facet of who you are and what you’re capable of being.

            Speaking with men and women out of college is something we partake in every day. As an observer, I tend to notice things that the average person wouldn’t. For instance, I took a walk around the city with my business partner and he made me realize so many things. From stopping and taking photos of building, tourists, and individuals around the city, more people often walk around luxury retailers than that actually have an interest in making a purchase. In a society that influences everything we do, it’s difficult to not want what someone else has. But why is this?

            As I walked around Columbus Circle, I didn’t see too many full-figure people. Granted, this doesn’t depict the rest of the area’s clientele, but it does show that I noticed more than I should. Wanting to take photos of myself, my partner attempted hundreds of times, but each time people kept looking at me with that face. You know, the face of ‘Why is she wearing that and why is she sitting on that in such and such way?.’ I could have let it get to me , but I didn’t. We so often see people taking photos and become discouraged in minutes of years a snide comment, and yes it’s hard to deal with – but you can get through it. I’m a walking example of this. I’ve been guided to an area of a store than I would “fit in” but the clothing was horrendous. I’ve also been told that I should straddle a post or sit with my butt propped up; well, birdie to you too, sir. We are humans and we have rights.

            It’s hard to break barriers, but it’s even harder to maintain them. I’ve learned that if I make a statement, continue it. I’ve seen the negative comments on Instagram and I’m sure people on my Facebook say things to each other, but that’s you. I’m writing this to help change – change a stereotype or ‘norm’ that shouldn’t be so normal. Go ahead girl, straddle the pole stump (whatever it’s called) and take a picture! If you don’t, you won’t get that moment back (especially if you’re wearing a cute lace shirt and thigh high boots!

The Post-Grad Reality

Our country has made it quite known that securing a job after graduation is one of the most difficult things we could possibly do in this economy. But do we really understand the reality of it? And do we know how to overcome it? Probably not, but let me help you get an idea of what to expect.

   Just the last few months have given me exactly what I expected: no luck and no job. This isn't uncommon amongst college grads, but it is frustrating. I've written countless cover letters and attended several career fairs. Sound familiar? I thought so. In the communications major, thousands of students will graduate in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). Sounds scary, but it's probably one of the more popular majors around and everyone wants to do it. So what happened to me?

  Having interned with several small businesses and two (2) non-profits, I have gained experience in different areas, allowing me to understand a business. But what I find interesting is that I have experience, but companies want their own unique type of experience. So...this has led me to pretty much checking almost every day. I've written probably over 100 e-mails and letters and what's the most time consuming is the waiting game. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Totally.

  Now, some may wonder what I've been doing while waiting for callbacks. Simple: I applied to a store in the mall, Rue 21. I had my first day this past week and I love it. My goal is to work in fashion and beauty, and that's exactly what they're giving me the opportunity to do. Rue has amazing fragrances and they're only $9.99!! And instead of spraying multiple times a day, they are oil based and you may only have to spray a total of 2x depending on what you're doing. I sprayed Revert, a nice clean, refreshing, and eco-friendly fragrance, only once and it lasted me all day. And no, I'm not just saying that. But let's get back to the point: stay occupied!

 Whether you're interested in psychology, education, or communications (like me), keep yourself busy. By researching happenings in your field of choice and current events, you will become more aware and confident on any interviews you will go on. If I hadn't decided to apply to Rue, I would be stuck in my room looking for almost nothing. A start is a start and that's the reality of it.

  Tips For Staying Occupied Post-Graduation

  • Apply, apply, apply!
  • Network (Use LinkedIn to connect with Alumni and group members)
  • Research and read
  • Go on an informational interview
  • Take up a hobby related to your field
  • Work retail (you'll want extra $$ for the commute to interviews anyway)
  • Ask Questions 
  • Spruce up your resume
  • Read All Work, No Pay
  • Pre-order Welcome to the Real World

NACA What!?

Okay, so for the past couple of days (and until Wednesday morning) I've been in Nashville, Tennessee for the National Association for Campus Activities Convention! For those of you who do not know what NACA is, most colleges and universities have an office for campus activities. This rangers from clubs, honor societies, Greek Life, and so much more. The options are endless. Where I attend school, our clubs do their absolute best to put on events for the student body. Our programming committee and and student activities office (as a team) put on events throughout the year for students, and the first 50 days and 50 nights are geared toward incoming students. Many schools find it difficult to plan events for theri demographic, and as a delegation, my university chose nine (9) students to attend the NACA conference to bring back and plan events for the coming semester and year.

     I know it sounds cheesy, but it's really a lot of fun. There are education events, and I'm not going to lie, they are a tad uninteresting, but maybe that's because some of the things they go over are common sense (at least for me), but it's a really great program. From education offerings to career preperation to club and lecture showcases, and even the campus marketplace, my first conference has been so much fun.

    Did you think I was going to let myself stay in a convention center all day? Um, that would be a no! As a team, my peers and I (along with our advisor of course) have branched out and vistited Braodway (downtown Nashville) and visited some interesting eateries. Let me tell you something; I don't think I've eaten this good in a very long time. I love BBQ and that's exactly what I've had since we've been here. Would I change my mind? Nope!

    For those of you who think I'm a little hyper at the moment, I am. Energy drinks are not in my vocabulary, however, tea and sugar are (I apologize for the craziness in advance via YouTube). Tuesday night or sometime on Wednesday when I get back to New York I will be doing a video on YouTube on my experience at NACA. Yes, I will be posting it here, but I have so much to share with you all that I cannot possibly type it and it sound at all enthusiastic. However, until then, please be careful with the consumption of Arnold Palmer and alcohol you consume (I am not condoning drinking, however if you are over the age of 21, Arnold Palmer and a little bit of vodka or tequila does the trick--at least that's what I've heard).

Have a wonderful week!!!!!


Intern SPR 2013: Latino U College Access :

As many of you know I have not been actively blogging since November 2012. To my loyal readers, I deeply apologize for my absence. Since November I have been interning for a brand new non-profit organization, Latino U College Access. The goal of the organization is to educate the Latino community in the local Westchester, NY area on the importance of an education. I absolutely love the organization and being a part of a movement that impacts many people, to include first generation Latino students.
Being an intern has taught me so much, and every day I learn something new. I was hired by the CEO/Founder, Shirley Buontempo at my university's career fair, and I am the developer of the organization's Facebook (Latino U College Access) and Twitter (LatinoUAccess). You can find daily tips and information on the college experience from admissions to financial aid to successful Latino grads (I call the, Latinos in the Spotlight)!

Take a moment to think back to your college admissions process and what you went through. Tough, huh? Visit our Facebook and Twitter to slip a peak at what Latino U can offer to Westchester community.

Be safe, choose wisely, and fill out your FAFSA!